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Seven Griddle Media is a Seattle-based creative production company that crafts authentic, memorable content for exceptional brands. Whether commercials, brand videos, product introductions, short documentaries, or something else entirely, the goals are often the same: find the best story to tell, simplify complexity, communicate value, and create something true with a touch of magic.


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Scott Wilson

Seattle-Based Director & Editor

After 14 successful years in marketing roles focused on content creation and management, I began working full time at my own production company in early 2018. Through Seven Griddle Media, I have the opportunity to work with exceptional brands and people, collaborating to create professional video content for a variety of clients.

I have dedicated my career to the art and craft of storytelling. I began my career writing marketing articles for newsletters and industry magazines, interviewing subject matter experts and structuring their thoughts into a cohesive narrative. With the help of some talented mentors, I learned graphic design in the hopes of embracing the visual language of story, laying out corporate communications and building websites along the way. My journey in storytelling ultimately led me to a career in video production, in which I have cultivated my skills for more than a decade at companies such as Precor, BitTitan, Honeywell, and Intermec.

I received my Master of Communication in Digital Media degree from the Communication Leadership program at the University of Washington. I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in English. 

My Process

I take collaboration seriously, with my clients as well as my collaborators. Creativity is at its best when it incorporates multiple perspectives. I see my role in the creative development process as a partner, providing insight about best practices, pitching ideas for the concept, and taking you where you decide you want to go. Maybe you don't know the path at all, or maybe you know it well and just need a collaborator to get there.

In my work, I'm accustomed to brainstorming, pitching, writing, directing, filming, and editing. I'm also accustomed to collaborating with others and focusing my attention more narrowly when the project calls for it. Have a project in mind? Let's chat.


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Have a project in mind? Trying to decide what story to tell? I'm always happy to talk it over. 

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